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Welcome to the Friends of Southafrica in Vienna 

sonnenaufgang giraffe©dein-suedafrika.deAre you interested in South Africa? Have you ever been in this wonderful country on the Cape or wish to visit it again? You might want to get to know people who have a special relationship with South Africa? Or you just want to know about this fascinating country and its "Rainbow Nation" only?
With our website we present our Austrian - South African Club (ÖSAC) and our activities.
We are also happy about your personal contact; call, please, call!


Our guiding principles

We want to help to maintain and promote all peaceful developments and friendships across continents the spirit of international understanding.

To achieve this, we are intensifying our area and for our opportunities relations with South Africa, for example, on cultural, social and socio-political level.

We promote direct and indirect activities of the other friendship organizations of Austria and maintain contact with the Austrian-South African clubs.